St. Pat’s Brew Day. Resurrected Post.

March 17, 2019

St. Pat’s Brew Day

Today — Saint Patrick’s Day, 2019 — was brew day. And what a nice day for it. First warm, sunny day of the year as far as I can recall.


The brew is simple and, I imagine, sessionable. A quick and easy recipe. I didn’t have much time to consider something more elaborate or go on-line to order ingredients. MBW informed me that we are having a party, less than a month from now and I was to make beer. So, not a minute to lose — to the brewing supply store.

We are, it seems, going to celebrate multiple events after the fact. First, presumably, will be the citizenship of MBW. Her test is scheduled for a bit over a week prior to the party. Second, our tenth anniversary. Third, I believe, is my fiftieth birthday, mere days away from the date of this writing.

So, beer. Three and third pounds of amber malt extract. A pound of dry amber malt extract. A pound of brown sugar. An ounce of Centennial for bittering at the fifteen minute mark and an ounce of Mosaic right before flame out. Should be an uncomplicated, easy drinking brew.

Fingers crossed.

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Published on March 17, 2019 16:30

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