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The Thankful Post

Thanksgiving has come and gone once again. I’m watching a cold, gray Oregon afternoon out the window as I type. The rain provides a persistent, percussive white noise, punctuated by occasional squalls and wind gusts. It’s a bit dismal is what I’m saying. I’m trying to reflect and be thankful here, but Mother Nature has to get a knee in and grind.

The Thanksgiving Post, 2016 Edition

The year has been eventful and engaging for me. Selling the condo and buying a new house proved a lengthy, multi-step process. (That isn’t a complaint. This isn’t a complaining web log post, it is a thankful one.) The result was worth the effort. The new house faces a park where the Heir Apparent can assault the play structures with the rest of the army of neighborhood children. This view is two minutes away


And this view about forty minutes away


My novels continue to sell. The volume has decreased, as only to be expected. But the dribs and drabs still add up to royalties. Thank you, readers. I continue to write. I make gradual progress on home improvements. Professionally I am stable and able to support myself, My Beautiful Wife, and the HA. MBW continues to expand her business. We are all in good health. Ever since the move, the cat has quit vomiting.

This all smacks of platitude and the commonplace. So what? I feel no embarrassment at being thankful for the opportunity to take care of my family. If I can continue doing so, while producing the occasional bit of scribbling you deem worth reading, then I will remain thankful.

A bit of unsolicited advice that you’re free to ignore: Look after yourself, look after your family. Assuming you can do that, be thankful.

The Post-Thanksgiving Post

The turkey is now a dwindling cache of leftovers. A slice of pie or two remains in the refrigerator. The last, persistent relative has cleared out of the guest room. Thanksgiving is a memory, a blurring collection of noise, arguments, football, arguments about football, and overindulgence.

That about sum it up for you?