The Dice Have Been Cast. NTRPG 2024 in the Rearview Mirror.

The fifth and final day of the North Texas RPG Convention is here. I’m packed and ready to hit the road. It is hard to believe that most of a week can pass seemingly so swiftly. But there you have it.

I restricted myself to purchasing only three books in the dealers’ room, an exercise of staggering will power you should all admire.

I rolled dice with old friends and perhaps some new ones. In brief, I had fun.

Negatives? The hotel is in a restaurant desert. I rode with friends instead of driving, which necessarily limited my meal options. But I didn’t come to Dallas to sample the cuisine.

So, next year? Probably.

And now for distasteful commercialism. Buy my books. (I see the boxed edition of the Semi-Autos and Sorcery series is in the pipeline. Cool.) Thank you for your patronage.

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