The Family Road Trip. Resurrected Post.

August 9, 2020

The Family Road Trip

Last Monday, I packed up MBW and the HA for a road trip. I pointed the vehicle east and we headed for Yellowstone. We decided to take the journey in two stages. I’ve done eighteen and twenty hour stretches, and we could have made the trip in, perhaps, fourteen hours. But I doubted the HA would tolerate it well. So we stopped Monday night at a hotel on the Oregon/Idaho border. The HA played in the pool. Next day, bright and early, we trekked on, reaching West Yellowstone in the afternoon.

That arrival time allowed us plenty of daylight to begin our exploration of the park. It is, as doubtless you know, a big place. We had three and a half days. Time enough for the highlights and a few of the lesser known attractions, but I can certainly see spending a week or two there, with an RV, bikes, and fishing poles, for those inclined toward camping and outdoor recreation.

It is an inspiring place. I’m already plotting scenes for an upcoming book. But enough with the words. How about some pictures? (And if you want to watch Old Faithful, I uploaded the video here.)

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Published on August 09, 2020 09:42

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