Veterans Day 2019. Resurrected Post.

November 10, 2019

Veterans Day 2019

Monday is Veterans Day. My own time in uniform is far behind me. When compared to the real sacrifice and achievement of so many, I tend to think it of small consequence. So I likely undervalue the day itself, seeing it more in terms of a free appetizer or meal discount, of hearing “Thank you for your service” more times than I’m comfortable with (that number starts at about one.)

But it is, I think, an important day. The hardship, difficulty, and peril military personnel endure is too easily ignored or forgotten. A day devoted to acknowledgement and remembrance is one way to counteract that. A discount at the hardware store might seem banal, but as an objective form of recognition it carries value beyond the couple of bucks saved.

So, yes, I’ll probably take my family out. I’ll end up spending money I otherwise wouldn’t merely to enjoy my free or discounted whatever at some chain restaurant. Not because I need it or deserve it, but because I think my participation helps strengthen this tradition and helps keep it alive for those who really can use a discounted meal and those who truly are deserving of recognition.

Thus, let me wish any vets reading this a Happy Veterans Day.

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Published on November 10, 2019 16:47

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