Life is Early Spring. Resurrected Post.

April 16, 2017

Life is Early Spring

Life is never unalloyed happiness. At least not in my experience. If it can be I wouldn’t mind taking it for a lengthy test drive, see how I like it. But the way I see it you never get particularly extended periods of happiness without something or other interrupting it. It’s like early Spring with stretches of blue sky and patches of rain-dumping black cloud intermingled. I’m building a metaphor here, so just hold on.

Yesterday — Saturday — was one of those beautiful Spring days. Temperatures hinting at warmer days to come. Mostly blue skies. And I woke to good news. I can’t get into details until it’s official. I’ll tell you later. The point is it was good news. The kind requires celebrating. So, I did. Good day. Suffice to say beer was involved.

But then there’s today, Easter Sunday. Cloudy, windy. Might sprinkle a bit, though I hope not before the Heir Apparent gets outside to track down and apprehend a band of fugitive ovoids. And then there’s the irritation. Not necessarily a pain, though it flirts with it. But definitely an aggravation. I’m not going to get into it. Nothing’s as boring as someone else’s maladies. But it has been nagging me for several months now, some days worse than others. Tends to make me a trifle irritable. The doctor has me on a temporary regimen of steroids, so beware — I may Hulk out at any moment. The thing is, it’s like the ‘downs’ in the up and downs of early Spring, damping my happiness, refusing to allow me unadulterated satisfaction.

So who is pissing in my Cheerios? Life, I suppose, same as it’s piddling in all your cereal bowls. I’m hardly special in that regard. It’s early Spring is all. The sun will peek out again.

Metaphor complete.

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Published on April 16, 2017 14:10

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