A New Journey. Resurrected Post.

June 3, 2018

A New Journey

It is that time again. I started writing another book at the beginning of the week. The tentative title is Captain. It is the sequel to Boss (look for Boss in early 2019.)

A new project carries with it a farrago of feelings. There is excitement at starting a new work, anticipation to discover exactly what you’ve birthed. There is trepidation of failure. There is wary contemplation of the effort ahead, a reluctance to take that first step.


Step is an appropriately evocative word. Writing a novel is a journey, a journey of step following step with the destination always seeming to hover on the same unreachable horizon, never nearing. Until it does.

I know, of course, roughly how long the trip will take. I’ll reach the front door of The End around December. That’s a long journey. In comparison it only took Frodo three months from Rivendell to Mt. Doom. (Of course we don’t know how long, precisely, it took him to write up the details later. Probably rather labor intensive, that. Without a word processor and all.)

Anyway, I’m a bit over halfway through Chapter 1. I think. The road stretches on before me. Reaching the end of the journey is only a matter of putting one foot after the other. Over and over again.

Then again, once I do reach the finish line it’ll be time to start on another journey. I’m getting around, aren’t I?

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Published on June 03, 2018 14:13

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