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August 6, 2017

All the Latest

“So, what is new with you, Ken?”

I’m glad you asked, fictitious interlocutor. A couple of items have firmed up since last time I wrote, so I’m more comfortable mentioning them. I’m never truly comfortable mentioning anything that smacks of self-promotion, but this is the gig. No point whining unduly.

The first item I’d like to mention is that I’ve been invited as one of the panelists for the 2017 Calliope Authors Workshop. The organizers are flying me down to Los Angeles next month and putting me up in a hotel. I’ll sit in on a panel with two other writers and a moderator and do my best to help advise the aspiring authors who’ve signed up for the workshop. You, in the back, stop snickering. Anyway, that will be the weekend of September 9, if any of you of reading this are in LA and want to say hello.


Second, I just signed a reprint contract for one of my short stories. If you missed “Mischosen” in the anthology “The Death God’s Chosen” you’ll have another opportunity when it is included in the Digital Horror Anthology. I’ll let you know the release schedule when I get it.

Another item hasn’t sufficiently cleared for me to mention here.

What else? MBW and I attended my 30th year high school reunion last night. When did they all get old? Do they not have a portrait in the attic handling such unpleasant aspects of time? Kidding, of course. Everyone looks great, happy, and successful.

Worked on the house today. I’ll just say that my home improvement skills make Tim “The Toolman” Taylorappear competent and efficient. Well, as a wise man once said, “A man has got to know his limitations.”

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Published on August 06, 2017 15:04

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