Beach Weekend. Resurrected Post.

July 1, 2018

Beach Weekend

The weather has become suspiciously summer-like. You know what that means? Beach weekend.


Friday afternoon I drove MBW and the HA to Lincoln City where we met up with friends. Of course I had to check out the local brewpub, The Rusty Truck,  for dinner. Nice, laid back roadhouse atmosphere. Good service. Excellent seafood. A pity about the beer. In fairness, the sours weren’t bad.

Saturday we purchased kites. Apparently the previous week Lincoln City hosted some sort of kite festival. I can see why. Of course, once you get the kite aloft it can grow a trifle tedious. The steerable kite provided a bit more entertainment, but given time of day and wind direction it led to staring almost directly at the sun, which I don’t recommend.

Back home. A short week starts tomorrow, then we’re off to Denver.

Next week: Westercon 71 report.

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Published on July 01, 2018 14:21

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