Books: The Un-Boxening. Resurrected Post.

August 28, 2016

Books: The Un-Boxening


I’ve moved into a new house. A new house seemingly inhabited by boxes. Boxes that shift and rearrange themselves into a continuously moving maze. I started tackling one section of that maze, attempting to clear away the savage boxes to make room for civilized living. Specifically, the room that is to be my library, the sanctum from which I will type such drivel as this you are currently reading.

As you can see from the picture above that I herded the boxes into a large, centrally located heap. Those are my books, sequestered within those cardboard confines. I’ve missed them, most having been in storage for several months. Let my books be free!


Slicing open one box after another it is clear this will be no easy task.


I’ve freed some, establishing temporary homes for a few of my books upon their old shelves.


But clearly, this struggle will drag on, the boxes putting up a stubborn defense until the moment of my inevitable victory. Though I expect a hold-out, guerilla resistance: I don’t yet have enough shelf space.


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