February Writing Update. Resurrected Post.

February 25, 2018

February Writing Update

Doubtless you are all eager to read of my doings and progress on the writing front. Doubtless. Zero doubts, one hundred percent positivity. So, with that completely unwarranted self-assurance motivating me, I’ll update you.

My short story Mischosen was reprinted this month in Cosmic Scream: Digital Horror Fiction Anthology. I’m rather fond of that story. If you haven’t read, here is a chance to check it out. Let me know what you think of it.

I’m nearing the halfway point of current work-in-progress. I should pass the mark by the end of the month. After discussions with MBW I am increasing the amount time each week I put in at the keyboard. The goal is to complete two novels per year. I am receiving some gentle pressure to get some series fiction banked and ready for publication. That will demand a greater time commitment than I had previously allowed. But MBW encouraged me to make the commitment. So let it be written, so let it be done. Or, should that be: So let it be done, so let it be written?

MBW, the HA, and I will be in Seattle next weekend. (A long weekend: Thursday through Sunday.) I’ll be attending Emerald City Comic Con. Sporting a pro badge on my lanyard, so everyone will know how important I am. MBW and the HA will be enjoying the sights. I think they win. In any case, for those of you in the Seattle area, I’ll be in town if you want to say hello.

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Published on February 25, 2018 11:54

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