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January 5, 2020

Hints and Portents

Today is one of those times I wish I did not attempt to maintain a weekly posting schedule on this web log. Not because I have nothing to say. On the contrary; I do have information I wish to share. But I can’t, yet. I don’t mind keeping a secret, I just really don’t want to in this instance.

Perhaps I can break my silence tomorrow. Maybe the day after. We’ll see. It’s eating at me, a little alien nugget of information trying to gnaw its way out through my breastbone.

The thing is, the year is less than a week old but it’s already proved full and productive for me, with prospects for more as the year progresses.

I’m going to stop here, lest I oversell it. I don’t want your eventual response to be “That’s it? C’mon, Ken, you got me all worked up for that?”

So, uh, Happy New Year, I guess.

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Published on January 05, 2020 14:20

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