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September 22, 2019


A moment’s digression before I begin: Happy Birthday Bilbo and Frodo! I wonder, on this wet and drizzly first day of autumn if Tolkien deliberately chose the fall equinox for the Baggins’ joint birthday. Perhaps it was a question of age, both hobbits having entered their autumnal years, if you will, before embarking on their adventures. I don’t know. Any suggestions, readers?

Karl Thorson and the Jade Dagger is in the homestretch. I’m reading the digital galley proofs. I’ve found far fewer corrections to make in this book than any of my previous novels. Perhaps because this one has been so extensively reviewed. Three different editors. Man, have I added, removed, and replaced commas. Every editor, it seems, practices a distinct brand of comma-fu. The point is, the book is nearly ready. I should be finished with my final pass by next week. The novel appears on target for the mid-November release date.

Except…Well, there might be a bit of a hitch. Word is that the cover artist has a backlog of work. Conceivably I might hear from the publisher that the release date will be pushed back. I hope not. But it is out of my hands. In fact, it is in the cover artist’s hands, I suppose.

I’m not going to worry about it. I have plenty of other projects to occupy my attention. More on those when I have something noteworthy to mention.

Enjoy the fall.

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Published on September 22, 2019 15:39

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