Rose City Comic Con 2019. Resurrected Post.

September 15, 2019

Rose City Comic Con 2019

Some might consider that I wasted a three-day pass to Rose City Comic Con by only attending Friday night. But downtown Portland is a bit of a trek from my house, and I only needed to be there Friday for my panel. I took a few trips through the maze of the convention floor, seeing the merchandise and the artist and writer tables. Friday is the evening for it, if, like me, you don’t care much for crowds.

The panel turned out fine, I believe. I’m not overly fond of public speaking, and the last minute request that I offer a few opening remarks didn’t help. But my impression is that the panel was well received. In fact we ran out of time long before we ran out of questions. And there was a short line of people wanting to chat afterwards.

I’m afraid I didn’t get much of a chance to promote my books. I was only once able to refer to one of my books as a relevant example in helping answer a question. But, perhaps I boosted my name recognition. Boost the signal, eventually you will reach someone. Right?

In any case, my thanks to the Miller Nash law firm for inviting me. And for dinner after.

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Published on September 15, 2019 16:25

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