Lesser Problems. Resurrected Post.

June 12, 2016

Lesser Problems

In the grand scheme of the things, the sweeping panorama of mankind’s struggles, it isn’t much of a problem. “Minuscule” gives it too much credit. But this is my web log and I’ll complain if I want to.

Seems to happen to me every time. I reserve a couple of books at the library, even putting the hold on different days or even weeks. But inevitably both books arrive for pick up AT THE SAME TIME. Grrr. Usually new releases as well, meaning I’m allowed less time to read them. C’mon library. I’m not single anymore. I’ve got a wife and kid. I can’t just come home from work, plop down on the couch and read until 2AM. (If I did, I imagine I’d find myself single again pretty damn quick.)


There is a glimmer of hope that I might get through these books in time. We’re off to Mexico for a week, leaving in a few days. So I might be able to power through at least one book during the trip. Of course, I’d also hoped to get more writing done on Boss, try to bring the word count close to where I’d hoped to be at this point in the year. But no. Messrs. Erikson and Esslemont and their doorstopper novels have conspired to thwart me. (Well, Esslemont’s contribution to the grand conspiracy, Dancer’s Lament, only weighs in at a relatively svelte 350 pages or so. But Erikson, as usual, with Fall of Light pushes near the four digit page count. Edit, man. Edit.)

I’m sure you are all weeping in sympathy for my plight, your devoted web logger forced to read entertaining novels while vacationing in Mexico. Thank you. Your commiseration is duly noted.

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