Not Even More Too Late Movie Reviews. Resurrected Post.

June 23, 2019

Not Even More Too Late Movie Reviews.

As I mentioned last week, MBW and the HA were out of town. Long-time readers of the web log (if any such creatures exist) know what that means: reviews of movies you all saw ages ago. I took some sketchy notes during my viewing, so for this entry in the series I’ll not be relying solely on my memory. Happily for you readers, this means a shorter post.

We begin with The Man Who Shot Hitler and Then Big Foot. Dreamy, elegiac pulp fiction. Exactly the sort of thing I should have liked. But it felt thin, stretched; like too little story spread over too long a running time. It could have used an injection of humor, ala Bubba Hotep. I imagine the idea looked good on paper.

Venom. Low Expectations Theater. The film concerned terrible, unethical people using and abusing each other. It was improved by turning into a buddy comedy/redemption story by the third act. If you stay through the credits you’ll be rewarded by a cameo of Woody Harrelson playing Sideshow Bob as Carnage.

MIssion Impossible: Fallout. Competent, entirely forgettable action fare. Formulaic and derivative. At one point during the film I had to fight off the desire to throw my copy of Ronin into the DVD player.

Redbad. Not good. Fell asleep. My one coherent note concerned the castles featured in the film, “So many guardrails.” I suppose if you are filming on location and on the cheap, you can’t remove the anachronistic safety rails along the stairs and parapets.

Captain Marvel. The Struggle to Care. Who are these people? What the hell is going on? It is hard to critique such vacuous mediocrity.  I liked the Stan Lee tribute.

Tonight, with MBW and the HA home, we’ll be watching the sequel to the Lego Movie. I hope it holds up to the first, but I’m skeptical.


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Published on June 23, 2019 15:33

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