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October 21, 2018

Orycon 2018 Schedule

Orycon approaches. Time to mingle, share from my meager store of knowledge, and roam from room party to room party.

I received my schedule the other day. If you are in Portland during the convention, pick up a membership and come say hello.


Fri Nov 9 4:00:pm
Fri Nov 9 5:00:pm
Story Pacing: Hurry Up, and Wait

Speed the story up, raise the stakes, increase the tension — But not too much. Readers, like runners, want to keep moving fast but can’t go at a breakneck pace all the time. What are the techniques, large and small, to make you story roller-coaster a fun, exciting ride?

David D. Levine Diana Pharaoh Francis Ken Lizzi Richard A. Lovett Wendy N. Wagner


Fri Nov 9 5:00:pm
Fri Nov 9 6:00:pm
Autograph Session: Friday 5pm

Dealers: Autographs
Authors and artists sign things

Alma Alexander Ken Lizzi


Sat Nov 10 5:00:pm
Sat Nov 10 6:00:pm
Building an Extended Series

Some readers want to immerse themselves into a series, rather than just a single book. They want to binge. And once your trilogy is done, then what? How to expand your literary universe instead of walking away from your book or short series forever.

Joseph Brassey Ken Lizzi Mike Shepherd Moscoe Seanan McGuire Steve Perry


Sun Nov 11 10:00:am
Sun Nov 11 10:30:am
Ken Lizzi Reading

152 Readings
Ken Lizzi reads from his works.

Ken Lizzi


Sun Nov 11 2:00:pm
Sun Nov 11 3:00:pm
Consequences of Violence

Random groups wandering the countryside and slaying evil-doers are less likely to be seen as heroes than as murder hoboes. Our panel will discuss the mechanisms that real societies (and realistic fiction) use to limit violent actors.

Crystal Connor Ken Lizzi Rory Miller S. B. Sebrick


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Published on October 21, 2018 13:34

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