“Semi-Autos and Sorcery” Book Signing

Jan’s Books in Beaverton, Oregon kindly hosted a book signing for me yesterday. Beneath gray skies (and, more importantly, a sturdy shelter) I exchanged pleasantries and hawked copies of my contemporary fantasy series.

The premise of the series is to apply a sword-and-sorcery aesthetic to an adventure-fantasy series in a contemporary setting, rather than the more customary secondary world with a pre-industrial technology. The protagonist, Karl Thorson, has been called a “fantasy Jack Reacher.” If you find this intriguing, please check out the series, which consists of three books, so far.

The signing was followed up by a party at my place. The last, perhaps, at this locale. I said some farewells. Yes, a move is in the offing. More on that anon.

Now, enough writing. It is Mother’s Day. I have things to do.

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