The Words, Like the Spice, Must Flow. Resurrected Post.

March 8, 2020

The Words, Like the Spice, Must Flow

When I first started writing, years ago, it was primarily as a challenge. Could I get a story published? Then, how about a few more? After a while, I wanted to see if I could get a novel published. That accomplished, I discovered I had more novels I wanted to write, that it wasn’t enough to have a published book under my belt.

At the moment I find myself dealing with multiple projects in various stages. I’ve got the word mines running, and the words must flow. It is gratifying. It is also time consuming for someone with a profession that already demands most of his nine-to-five hours.

Currently I’m working on commissioning covers for books two and three of Falchion’s Company. Trying out indie-publishing has multiplied the positions I need to fill in the word mines. I’m going to bring along the manuscripts with me over spring break to take a final pass through. I at least want book two (Captain) in publishable condition in order to hit my self-imposed April deadline.

I just learned that the publisher of my sword-and-sorcery crime novel Thick As Thieves closed up shop some months ago. So, I need to start looking for a new home for that book.

At some point I need to take another pass through the sequel to Karl Thorson and the Jade Dagger. I have some ideas for a couple of additional chapters that I’ll want to insert somewhere.

But in the meantime, I’m on chapter two of a new book. There are three published short stories featuring my S&S character Cesar the Bravo. I decided he deserved his own novel. I’ve only myself to blame, of course, for all this work. No one forced me to engage in so many projects simultaneously. The galactic empire will not collapse if my words cease to flow. But my self-esteem would suffer. I certainly can’t allow that to happen.

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Published on March 08, 2020 15:07

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