2018 Tolkien Birthday Bash. Resurrected Post.

January 14, 2018

2018 Tolkien Birthday Bash

Saturday I took MBW and the HA into Portland for the annual J.R.R. Tolkien Birthday Celebration at the Kennedy School. At four-years old, the HA is now able to appreciate it to some extent, though her attention still wanes at times.


We met up with several friends. In the Kennedy School gymnasium  we commandeered a table somewhat too small for our group. But we made do. It was a solid vantage point for enjoying “The Hobbit Greatest Hits” radio performance. The performance is, in fact, live and not broadcast. But ‘radio’ describes the spirit of the endeavor. The troupe encored a new (for them) scene and pulled it off with few hitches. MBW liked observing the foley artists produce the sound effects.

Following the radio play we stuck around for the costume contest. Given that the Tolkien Birthday Bash is a small event, without significant cash prizes, in a minor venue in Northeast Portland, the turnout for the costume contest is impressive. Some of the contestants worked on their costumes all year. The level of enthusiasm and dedication is astonishing. I get it, but objectively, how can one explain the love for a fictional universe over eighty-years old now?

I’m glad that level of affection exists. I’m looking forward to the HA reaching an age at which I can read “The Hobbit” to her, pass along the love to another generation.

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Published on January 14, 2018 13:28

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