Ahem! Announcements. Resurrected Post.

April 30, 2017

Ahem! Announcements.

I played coy a bit ago, teasing some news. That’s because I don’t like to offer news only to later have to issue a retraction. Now it can be revealed. (Passive voice, ugh. But in context it does read better than “Now I can reveal it.”) Both parties signed the contract rendering this news legit. So, without further blather:


Thick As Thieves is scheduled for publication in September. This September, that is, that of 2017 vintage. My Elmore Leonard-esque novel of crime, fantasy, greed, stupidity, and other tasty things is brought to you by Rogue Star Press. Start saving your pennies.

I’m tickled about this. I’ve been working on it and pitching it for years. I hope you all dig it.

By the way, if you aren’t familiar with Elmore Leonard, well, first thing what’s wrong with you? Second, you have a few months to correct that deficiency in your literary diet before reading my oddball homage to the dean of American crime writers. Want suggestions as to where to begin? Drop me a message, I’ll point you in the right direction.

While I’m making announcements, here’s another. Boss is done. Now I can only wait for publisher’s reactions. Oh, and work on the sequel.

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Published on April 30, 2017 13:39

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