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September 3, 2017

And in Other News

True, misfortunes may come not as single spies but in battalions. (Or something like that. I’m too lazy to look up the actual line from “Hamlet.”) On the other hand, good news can clump as well. I provided an update a couple of weeks ago on doings along the writing front. Now there is more.


Friday I received a contract for “Boss.” Knocking on wood, that would make four published novels. It’s early days yet, so of course I cannot provide a release date, or cover art, or anything really. But I thought I’d share the news with you

In celebration, I bought a bottle of beer.

Staying with the theme, I also brewed beer. That is in anticipation of a release party for “Thick As Thieves.” Still waiting on the exact date, but beer requires a certain amount of lead time, so I figured I’d better get to it. I hope that’s the extent of my laboring (other than over the grill) this labor day.

Happy labor day.

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Published on September 03, 2017 11:41

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