Announcing “Thick As Thieves.” Resurrected Post.

October 8, 2017

Announcing “Thick As Thieves”

This seems as good a time as any for the official Ken Lizzi web log announcement: Thick As Thieves is out, published, and ready for purchase in print or digital format.


My third novel sees the light of day. It has taken a while. There have been a few false starts. But I think the work and the wait worthwhile. I mean, look at that cover. Pretty snazzy, right? My hat is off to Carrol Fix for her efforts in getting this to print. And I’d like to thank James R. Tuck and for reading the novel and providing the back cover blurbs. These are both worthy gentlemen and you should go check out their projects. (After you pick up a copy, or download a copy, of Thick As Thieves, of course.)

“Where can I purchase this masterpiece of modern pulp literature?” you may ask. And rightly so; that is an excellent question, indicative of a keen intellect, sound judgment, and exquisite taste. Allow me to provide answers.

Here are some links, catered to individual purchasing needs.


The publisher’s website.

Smashwords, in case anyone actually uses that site.

I hope you enjoy it. Though I’m confident readers of such discernment, perspicacity, and notable good looks will. Feel free to tell your friends. And remember, reviews are the author’s friend, especially Amazon and Goodreads reviews.

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Published on October 08, 2017 13:13

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