Arizona. Resurrected Post.

March 18, 2018


Writing this post gives me chance to rest from constant repetition of “wow.” MBW, the HA, and I are in Flagstaff, Arizona. We’ve been placing an unconscionable number of miles on our rental car, touring the state. Pardon me while I write, instead of utter, “wow.”


We’ve travelled through just about every sort of terrains short of coastal or tundra over the last few days. And given the snowfall in Flagstaff, we came near to tundra. The point is, the scenery is amazing.

I’m sure I don’t need to comment on the Grand Canyon. If you haven’t visited, you’ve certainly seen pictures. If you’ve only seen pictures, go visit. Enough said.

The red rock structures in and around Sedona are stunning. I’ve been lucky enough to travel extensively. I’ve seen natural beauty. I’m comfortable in asserting that the Sedona sights are on par with the steep sided, green tropical valleys of Hawaii; the rain forests of the Pacific Northwest, the western mountains (take your pick: Cascades, Grand Tetons, Rockies); Caribbean white sand beaches; or the azure waters of the Mediterranean viewed from Riviera cliff tops. I could go on, but the reminiscence is making me nostalgic.

The damming of the Colorado created a wonderful spectacle. Of course I imagine most of the course of the river is pretty spectacular. The price of boat tour is well worth it. I bet a summer week in a houseboat on Lake Powell would create some fond memories. Anyone done that?

I haven’t neglected the brewpubs. I’ve managed to visit a couple and sample the wares of others. Nor have I neglected my writing. I’ve made solid progress, writing every day.

The point is, I’m having a good time. Now, enough. We’re off to Phoenix to catch a Spring Training game. Royals versus Cubs, in case you were interested.

How about some more pictures?

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Published on March 18, 2018 04:54

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