Vacation, Ho! Resurrected Post.

March 11, 2018

Vacation, Ho!

I’m on the cusp of vacation and it couldn’t come soon enough.

Things are proceeding well enough, I suppose, they’re simply — incomplete. Case in point: I’ve got half the White Tree of Gondor on my bedroom wall. The right side, as you’re facing it, to be exact. See, many moons ago MBW expressed the desire to enhance the bedroom wall with some artwork. Fine with me. Though I admit some trepidation: What sort of artwork? As a purely precautionary measure, I found an image of the aforementioned tree online and showed it to MBW. She’s not particularly a genre fan, though she enjoyed LOTR (books and films.) To my relief she expressed immediate enthusiasm. (Take a look, it is a handsome bit of design.) Anyway, an attempt at a homemade projector, pencil tracing, and painting ended unsatisfactorily a few months back. We decided to try again with a large decal.


The decal arrived from China a couple of days ago. It came in two halves. The application involves use of a tacky (as in ‘mildly sticky,’ not ‘gauche’) sheet of plastic known as transfer paper (or tape.) Unfortunately the box included only one of said sheets. Now, perhaps an experienced and gifted DIY decorator could salvage and reuse the transfer paper. This, however, was our first attempt. So, as of this writing, my bedroom wall boasts half a tree.

Another example: I’d spoken with a local used bookstore (which shall remain nameless) back in November, hoping to set up a signing. At the owner’s request I brought in copies of my books for evaluation of quality and suitability for consignment. Several telephone conversations over the ensuing months failed to lead to a signing. As I have been invited, once again, to attend a small sci-fi convention at the end of March I decided I’d be better off taking these copies with me to sell at the con, rather than continue fruitless waiting. So I stopped by the shop the other day to pick up my books. Lo and behold, they’ve gone missing.

ECCC was a blast. Tiring, but fun. But, if I may further my theme, I’m still waiting for an ECCC sales bump. The point of the exercise remains incomplete.

And so it goes. One step forward, then a shuffle-slide back. Do the Limbo Half-step.

Vacation sounds nice, doesn’t it?

Enough negativity. I’m at roughly the halfway point on my work-in-progress. Halfway is better than any lesser fraction of completion. I hope to get some more work done, in the air and in the hotel. There: positivity. A slight case of the grumps never keeps me down for long.

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Published on March 11, 2018 16:46

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