Orycon 2016. Resurrected Post

November 20, 2016

Orycon 2016

And that wraps up another Orycon. Technically, as I write these words, the con is still ongoing in the sleepy manner of a con winding down on a Sunday. But it is over for me. I finished my last panel and drove home to help host the joint birthday party for My Beautiful Wife and the Heir Apparent. (Happy birthday, girls!) Before the guests arrive I’m going to write down some impressions of the convention.


The layout of the downtown Portland Marriott is not ideal for a science fiction convention. The hotel is not spacious and what space it possesses is oriented vertically. Nor is it equipped with an overabundance of elevators. Now, I don’t mind climbing stairs and generally will do so even if an elevator is convenient to hand and the car immediately available. But science fiction conventions do comprise in large part individuals for whom stairs represent a challenge.

The downtown location does, however, allow access to an excellent selection of restaurants. Sorry, bank account, I got hungry.

Placing the author autograph tables below a staircase in a little frequented subfloor is not conducive to selling books. Just saying.

Thanks to all those who attended the panels I sat on. And to those who showed up for my reading; I hope you enjoyed it half as much as I did.

I picked up an Andrew Offutt paperback, which should provide a more than generous hint as to the next author up on my Appendix N set of web log posts. Another of the Cormac Mac Art books, so I’m expecting as much pulp fun as the last one I read.

And now, time to put the finishing touches on the decorations.

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Published on November 20, 2016 14:43

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