Reading Snapshot

I don’t know if my life is actually compartmentalized, but given how I read it sort of looks that way. I generally have four or five books going at any one time. Let’s look at right now for a typical example.

The library informed me that Jim Butcher’s latest, Battle Ground, was waiting for me. So, I drove over yesterday, parked, called, and the librarian brought it out. (Sigh.) Yesterday was rather busy, but nonetheless I’m already on page 50. Butcher has a knack of getting you to turn the page.

I’m also partway through Janissaries: Clan and Crown, in the process of re-reading the Janissaries series prior to picking Mamelukes, the recently released, posthumous final volume.

My lunch book at the office is A. Merritt’s The Moon Pool. I’m at roughly the halfway mark and thoroughly enjoying it. Has anyone adapted this for comic books? I think it would look terrific with the right artist.

In furtherance of my anthology reviewing posts, I’m re-reading Swords Against Darkness III. The things I do for you people, reading S&S stories while sipping a beer. I suffer for my art. I was happy to see Swords Against Darkness II arrive in the mail. I haven’t read that one yet. Looking forward to it.

I have a lengthy commute to work. So I go through a lot of audio books. I finished China Miéville’s Railsea Friday, moments before I reached my driveway. And just now I’m downloading Robert A. Heinlein’s The Unpleasant Profession of Jonathan Hoag.

Of course, I’m also continuing to write. I hope to have the third book of a Semi-autos and Sorcery book finished by mid-December. Look for the series in 2021, if it fits the publisher’s schedule. Or, if you’re curious about reading some of my stuff, why not give one a try. How about Under Strange Suns, to pick one at random?

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